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    TV Picture Quality

    I built a machine using a p4 2.0 and ATI 8500 AIW. I used an older (3yrs) CRT monitor. I over heated the P4 on this machine and never replaced it.

    The picture quality for the tv was never very good when the size was increased to something that could be watched from across the room.

    I was thinking of repairing it to use it as a TV and digital recorder in my bedroom if I could increase the picture quality at full screen size.

    Will a new high quality monitor the AIW not capable in the first place......motherboard issue....?

    I created very good quality dvd's on that machine.....

    Any ideas?
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    its probably more the tv tuner you were using rather then the monitor. also, the decoder can have a lot to do with quality.

    i havent used aiw tuners. i have the hauppauge pvr500mce and i use the nvidia purevideo decoder. i get very good results, not quite as sharp at fullscreen as i think it should be, but overall a better picture then my regular tv.

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