Graphics card upgrade, 6800GS?
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Thread: Graphics card upgrade, 6800GS?

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    Graphics card upgrade, 6800GS?

    My brother is looking to upgrade his graphics card from a 9800 pro to a 6800GS (AGP). He has to go with an AGP card due to having a mobo with only an agp slot. So what do you guys think, good upgrade or should he go with something else that is better value? How much better is this card compared to the 9800 pro?

    His system specs are
    athlon 64 3000 (socket 754)
    1GB RAM
    Windows XP pro

    He is complaining that some of the games on his computer are starting to lag. I think he is playing battlefield 2 at the moment. He probably wont upgrade mobo and cpu for about another year or so.

    I appreciate any advice!
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    1x120GB IBM/Hitachi 7200rpm (8MB cache)
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    1x300GB Maxtor 7200 rpm (16MB cache)
    Windows XP Pro SP2

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    What is his budget? WHy not go all out at get the 7800GS?

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    Abit AN7 motherboard
    BFG GeForce 6800GT OC!

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    I went from a 9700 Pro to 6800GT an an [email protected] which should be a similar sort of upgrade. Posted some numbers: http://discussions.hardwarecentral.c...ghlight=6800gt

    The 6800GS AGP is great because it can be unlocked and overclocked to beyond 6800 Ultra spec. 7800GS doesn't make as much sense IMHO because for 200 you can buy a new PCIe mobo and a decent graphics card.
    Opteron [email protected] (stock HS/fan), Asus A8N-SLI SE (passive NB), 1.5GB RAM (2:3:2:5, 2T), WD Raptor 740GD 74GB, Maxtor DM10 300GB, Asus EN7600GT [email protected]???, M-Audio Revo 7.1, Nebula DigiTV, Dell 2005FPW, Enermax 431W Active.

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