Hard Disk only showing half but don't want to partition.
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Thread: Hard Disk only showing half but don't want to partition.

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    Hard Disk only showing half but don't want to partition.

    Thanks for listening. I'm not sure if my question applied to one already posted here: http://discussions.hardwarecentral.c...d.php?t=170314 so I started a new thread.

    I recently bought two 250gig Western Digital drives but WinXP only formatted them as 137gig drives. I was told that as soon as I install XP and SP2, it would see the actual space. However, after I installed XP with SP2, it still displays as 137 but when I right click one of the drives and click on "format," it will be able to format it at 237gigs which is about right. I have no problems doing that to my second drive, D:, but how would I do it to my first HD, C: drive, without cutting it into another two drives?

    If I have no choice but to do that, how would I partition the C: drive through WinXP so I can leave Windows on it's own partition?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Your first drive currently has a 137 GB partition on it. If you create a partition in the unused space, it'll be a separate partition with its own letter.

    To install on a single 250 GB partition, you need to use a Windows CD which has SP1 or SP2 included in the CD. Yours apparently doesn't, but http://www.theeldergeek.com/slipstreamed_xpsp2_cd.htm is a set of instructions which can be used to make one.
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    Another option would be to make use of third party partitioning software such as .
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    Partition Magic can repartition the drive, too, I've used that before to enlarge active partitions. If you don't want to spend the money for that or *cough*, you can reformat & install XP on the 2nd drive, and swap the tp boot off the 2nd so you can reformat the first. This is, in fact, how I got my 320gb drive up and running last week- I booted from my 80 Then I made a slipstreamed XP+SP2 disk, which really wasn't all that difficult, and managed to fix my corrupted 200gb disk, too! (thread here)

    I used the instructions here: http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase...slipstream.asp

    You can download SP2 here:
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    nLite is a small program (requires .NET) that will easily do the slipstream for you. It can also remove components if you wish to do that.

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