Old Toshiba laptop
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Thread: Old Toshiba laptop

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    Old Toshiba laptop

    Hi guys,

    I am working on this old Toshiba Satellite laptop at work for a co-worker.

    His problem is, it's really slow and he doesn't seem to think anything changed since then. One day, it was just really slow.

    It does take forever to load his desktop, first the start bar comes, then the background...then eventually the icons...etc

    And in general elsewhere in windows, it's also pretty slow. I have done the usual, cleaned spyware (and there wasn't much), checked for virsues (scan is still running, nothing yet). I have also cleaned up startup, cleaned all temp files, uninstalled all unused applications, etc...

    I ran hijackthis, nothing serious found.

    It only has 64MB of ram running Windows 98, but like I said, according to him it was never this slow.

    I think a format would be best, but he doesn't seem to interested in that.

    Any other ideas I could try to speed things up? Tommorrow, I was going to run a scandisk/defrag in safe mode...

    I have also updated windows with the latest...

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,


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    Have you check the startup options under msconfig?
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    May as well add defragmenting and registry clean up to the list of things to do.
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    Two suggestions:

    Check hardware with the hard drive test utility and memtest86+.

    Old laptops with 64Mb of ram can slow to a crawl if you run a current app that uses a lot of ram. It dumps to virtual memory on the 4000 rpm hard drive with maybe 128Kb of cache. Opera and Firefox are good examples. Check his software and look for a program like that that loads at startup.

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    I wonder if the old HDD is dying?

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