Laptop - what would you choose?
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Thread: Laptop - what would you choose?

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    Laptop - what would you choose?

    At my place of employment, I am due for a new laptop. I have a few choices but I do not know what the best one would be in terms of computing power (I do not care about portability or battery use). With that said and since we deal with HP, what would have more computing power between these two:

    - HP Compaq nc6120 Notebook PC (PR126UA) - Pentium M 1.8g w/512mb RAM


    - HP Compaq nx6125 Notebook PC (PZ896UA) - Turion 2.2g w/ 1g RAM

    If your answer to the above is the Turion over the Pentium M, would this lower end Turion (1.6g w/ 512mb RAM) still have more computing power over the above Pentium M 1.8g w/ 512mb RAM (reason for asking is possible budget restrictions):

    - HP Compaq nx6125 Notebook PC (PZ892UA) - Turion 1.6g w/ 512mb RAM

    TIA for any feedback.
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