I decided to post this question here to see if anyone can give me some good ideas with my new LAN setup. I'm moving in exactly one week to a new house that has a huge finished basement. I "convinced" my wife to allow me to setup a nice LAN gaming area, one that is much better than my current configuration. Right now all six comps are arranged along two walls plus one in the middle, the basement (unfinished) I'm in now is much smaller, and therefore much harder to setup they way I want. I want to place the computers (6 to begin with) in a circular or oval setup with 1 comp each at the top and bottom and 2 on each side. Had this setup at Igames (my old computer cafe) and it was pretty popular with the customers. Now I'm stuck on what to do for new desks as the ones I have now are old and I'm giving them away to friends (less to move!). So here are my options: 1.) Buy RTA desks and use those (which is what I have now), 2.) build new desks, or 3.) build 4 tables, the end ones being big enough for one comp, the side tables big enough for 2 comps. I'm wondering if anyone here has ever built their own desk or table for a computer. If so, where did you get the plans (and are they still available) and what was your cost. Currently, I've picked a few different RTA desks that run from $70-$110 each, but I rather not spend that much or atleast see if I can save some money by doing it myself. Building my own should be cost effective (though it probably will take more time)and I am pretty good with woodworking tools. It will also allow me to make them look they way I want. RTAs would be easier, but I'm restricted to a look that I can afford.

Any suggestions, ideas or comments would be appreciated.

I'll post pics here in few weeks with the finished product.