asus hard to find Which other card
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Thread: asus hard to find Which other card

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    asus hard to find Which other card

    I am starting to purchase hardware for a pII 350 system. I am having trouble finding a asus 3400 card that every one seems to like'.
    since I am not familiar with the diffrence in
    voodoo 2, tnt, riva , 3dfx. and all the other
    names I keep seeing relating to video cards. Please just tell me which other cards you guys would consider. I am new to computers.
    BUT tired of this 486 dx 2 I am typing on.
    I Want to build my next system so I understand more about them. steve

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    i got a asus tnt card and never was able to get it to run properly. there tech support SUCKED and was very rude...i complained to his superior, but he was no help either...basicaly i got the impresion they were not set up for tech support for the video card. even their driver update page of their web site is confusing. i went out and got a diamond viper 550 installed perfectly runs GREAT and current drivers on the website!! i got the asus so i could o/c it..i am just going to put a fan on the viper myself and then o/c it.

    good luck.

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    If you can find a ASUS, get it! It is by far the best TNT card, and very good drivers. Unless you've got a Socket 7 system, you shouldn't really have problems installing it in your system.

    Other good alternatives are the Hercules Dynamite TNT, Creative Labs GB TNT, Diamond Viper V550. Stay away from the STB Velocity 4400 and Elsa Erazor. They both run very hot!

    The only other card that comes with an onboard fan is the Hercules card, so that should be you second choice after the ASUS card. Next would be the Diamond, then the Creative. Good luck!

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    Ahh, but there is nothing wrong with my STB. The deal with STB is their heat sink is slightly smaller than diamond or crative labs. But with the addition of a tiny fan, I have my STB clocked stabily at 110mhz core/ 120mhz mem all the time. Now that Max Clock is avaliable, its even easier to overclock an STB.

    The Elsa Erazor II, on the other hand, sucks nuts. The memory sucks so bad it will crash if you change the timings to high speed, which every other TNT card can do just fine.

    Something to keep in mind: If you buy a Hercules or an Asus, youre getting ripped off for the fan. Save yourself $30 and buy a CL or STB card, and buy a cheap $5 fan at radio shack to make it shine. And remember most TNT cards can use other TNT card's drivers if you think one company's drivers suck.
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