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    Question Laptop Problem

    Hello All,
    I have a Dell 600M laptop, that has been acting extremely slugish for the past month or so. I want to reload XP without losing my settings & links, so I put in the CD, started the computer, got to the screen where you choose where to load windows & I picked the C drive where the other install is, & I get a message, "can not load windows, unknown file system...". Any ideas as to why it won't load or how I can get around this message?


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    The Dell may have a proprietory partition set aside for recovery process with their own recovery CDs and/or boot disk.
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    Honestly, reinstalling over the current installation won't help anyway. You need to actually format that partition and install it fresh, otherwise all the problems will likely just carry over again. The best I can say is backup everything you can, export your bookmarks (and MAYBE the cookies), and then do a clean install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinma
    The Dell may have a proprietory partition set aside for recovery process with their own recovery CDs and/or boot disk.

    Correct Dells do have a Recovery Partition and to reinstall Windows you will have to follow the directions in your Manual.

    It's more of a Restore back to Factory spec so you will loose everything.

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    Since you're facing a lot of work anyway if you reinstall, I'm going to make a different suggestion. Why not run the hard drive manufacturer's test utility to make sure the drive is 100%, and then look at cleaning up your existing installation.
    Run several anti-virus scans (you can run some online scans free) and SpyBot and Adaware for spyware. If you have Norton anything consider replacing it with an equally effective and lighter drain freeware. Go through all your installed software and look at everything that runs at startup and think about what you actually need and use and what's just accumulated over time and might be deleted. When you've done that, run one of the freeware utilities like Ccleaner to clean out temp files and the registry. Use one that lets you make a backup of the registry first.

    NT based OS are relatively robust, and a good cleanup might be all you need.
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    I agree with Danceman, try the "salvage" routine first, expecially if its just sluggish. Never re-install unless your getting critical errors
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