I know this is not a site *specificaly* for cellphone problems, but I have still posted it if any one has any relevant information please help me out (okay i have to admit, I'm desperate to get this problem solved)

I had given my cellphone to a friend of mine for some time, he deleted some contacts from the cellhphone. I restored data using a backup of the phone memory I had made on memory card, but still some contacts have been deleted.

I just want to know how to get any data back on the other cellphone (I have not restored data on the other phone).

For all who know just like windows delete's the file name from the MFT and not the actual file. Same way some of the data (like sms, e-mail) are deleted from the index file in your phone's mail folder and all other data still remain's, os just like that is there anyway I can get any data back ??

i have a 6600 and a 6670.