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Thread: Buying new mouse+keyboard

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    The Logitech USB fix doesn't work on my machine, either. I hate the "f" lock business and will never buy another keyboard from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krupted
    Microsoft has much better built boards, theyre much sturdier and the keys feel a little better. some of logitechs keyboards are flimsy as can be, very possibly as is the one you linked. the board that came with the mx700 duo combo was horrid. i could snap it in two if i wanted to.
    Ditto, I haven't tried any MS keyboard but I have a Logitech Elite keyboard, and while it's not horrible, the keys feels more flimsy than the old $5 generic that came with my old computer. For a $50 CDN keyboard it's a bit hard to stomach.

    The whole F-Lock thing annoyed me at first but I got used to it. And no way in hell I'd want to plug that thing in USB anyways

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    My wife got me the Microsoft Elite Desktop for Bluetooth for Christmas. I love it. I did have a problem with the mouse though while gaming. I got a USB extention cord and ran it to just under my monitor. Works great now. The keyboard rocks. Although, it does have the stupid F lock key. I agree, I dont like that at all. I love the wirelss thing though. This is the first time I have used Bluetooth as well. So far so good.

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    I'm pretty happy with my Logitech MX1000 Laser mouse, wireless of course. I'd probably replace it with the g7 whichs looks to have some excellent response times for gaming. I've heard people complain about some of the Logitech Laser ones, but I've had nothing but excellent results with, though the faster response takes sometime to get use to, I was shooting all over the screen when I first started using, lol! Had to adjust the settings, but now its perfect.

    And of course my buddies claim that the mouse is the only reason I kick their asses in most fps games and has nothing to do with my skills.

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    sjracer- be aware i can assure you the mouse buttons will wear out probably within a year. ive had two do the same thing now, the buttons go mushy. its really annoying at this point to me, but at least i still think the keyboard is pretty good.

    i want to try the g7, i almost ebay'd one today when i tried left clicking and it wouldnt pop back up. i hate stuck buttons.

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