Tv Turner and MSN (disabling webcam)
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Thread: Tv Turner and MSN (disabling webcam)

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    Tv Turner and MSN (disabling webcam)

    Since a quickcam or webcam is a input device (for video), as well as a tv turner, is there a way to avoid my msn to detect it?
    because if i turn it on thru msn, and later i wanna see my TV on screen it will damage it and i MUST reset it.

    what driver to take out, what file to rename, what registry chain to remove or modify? or what setting to adjust?

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    I've got a TV tuner card also, and when I run Yahoo Messenger, there is an option in the setup to choose which I want to use. I don't run MSN, so I can't be sure... but I think it ought to be similar
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