External drive is turning off frequently and starts again..
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Thread: External drive is turning off frequently and starts again..

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    External drive is turning off frequently and starts again..

    Hi All,

    I'm having a problem with external hard drive. I have made this external hard drive by attaching seagate 160GB hard disk with extern drive enclosure 3.5.

    This drived worked well for some time, but now this is not working well.
    When I connect the usb cable to my windows XP dell laptop, the light on external drive goes off and comes frequently... sometimes it goes off for long time and also the hard drive noise.

    I'm not able to carry on any activity on this drive at the moment..

    Has any one faced this kind of problem ? why does this drives goes off frequently ? could any one please help.

    Thanks & regards,

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    I have not had this problem, but it seems to me it could have a few sources.

    1. Could it be the USB port on your laptop? Have you tried another USB port to see if the same issue happens?

    2. Assuming you get the same issue from another USB port, have you tried another USB cable? I would be more suspicious of a power issue, though.

    3. I assume, considering that this is a full-sized drive, that the enclosure has a separate power supply. Are you sure that it is working? Are there any kinks in the power cables? When the device is not powering, have you tried moving the cords to see it it fires up?

    4. There could be an issue in the control board of the enclosure itself, such as a bad solder joint.

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    I have an Apricorn enclosure that does this. When I first got it, it would distort my display.....It's heading towards the trash can...
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