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    Hard Drive Swap

    Hey guys, little question here. Is a hard drive thats Ultra ATA 133 compatible with a/able to be placed in a motherboard that has ATA 100 connections. I have a Maxtor 120BG that I want to swap into a new computer I'm building with an ASUS P4S800D-X Socket 478 SIS 655FX ATX Intel motherboard. Item number from Newegg.com is N82E16813131527. Please help I want to know if this great hard drive will work. Thanks.

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    yes, ata133 is backward compatible with ata100. you should have no problem connecting the hdd to your new system. just do a clean install with the o/s of your choice and you should be ok.

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    It's unlikely you'll lose any speed either, since the 133 speed is a theoretical limit. I don't think the drives even reach, let alone exceed 100.

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