EA Sports still cheats!
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Thread: EA Sports still cheats!

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    EA Sports still cheats!

    this was horrible, half way into my season. this game was close like the last few had been. they jumped out to a 13point lead in the 3rd and its only 3 minute quarters.

    i fought back and tied with 2 minutes remaining. they were pushing hard and we went back and forth till i stole it with 22 seconds remaining. hinrich was had his man beat for a 3 pointer, it would have for surely made it.

    then the pc froze completely. right there just like that, i took the pic with my cellphone. 22 seconds after an unbelieveable comeback, open for a 3. locked cold because it knew it would lose after it cheated so much to win

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    R.I.P Rangeral, To one of HWC's best moderators and a great guy

    By the way, what does BTW stand for?

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    hey that's a nice cell pic...what phone u got?

    but isnt it fun to turn fouls off and hammer the guy and slam it every time?
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    i could have made a better pic, and this phone doesnt even have a ccd camera, it is the lesser cmos. that new lg vx9800. great phone btw

    i ended up killing them the second time i played it. and killed the next team as well so im on a bit of a roll. 26-4 my record now? hehehe

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