15 pin joystick connector?
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Thread: 15 pin joystick connector?

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    James Carter Guest

    15 pin joystick connector?

    What is the socket called that old joysticks/pads used back in the day when USB wasn't around? Was it serial?

    I need a USB adapter to be able to plug an old 15 pin joystick anyone know where I can get one in the UK?

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    It was called a Game port I think, had a tendency to be included on the older soundcards.

    You should be able to get a USB adapter from Maplin - but you will have to pay a fair bit for it. Unless the Joystick is a particularly good one, it may be worthwhile just buying a new USB as you may have issues getting games to detect the old one.

    Alternatively, if you're running lots of old games, it may be worth you finding an old Soundblaster card with a game port

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