Just bought a Toshiba Satellite A10 (PSA10C-00REH) notebook through our local Buy&Sell free ad paper. Real cheap -- dead hard drive. I've got it running 2k on a 40G Samsung 5400rpm drive.
This had XP on it originally and I have the two restore disks, but they appear to contain only a lot of small .exe and batch files. Do Toshiba not usually supply a proper install disk with their notebooks? Their website shows the model as a discontinued and lists all the specs but they seem to have absolutely nada for any downloads for the various utilities it originally had -- for example to disable and restore the trackpad via keyboard.
At this point it looks like I might have to track down all the drivers individually from the original manufacturers.
I was less than impressed with Toshiba bios and support several years ago with a P100 Toshiba, and it doesn't seem to have improved.