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Thread: Cell Phones..Bells, whistles, and all bling aside

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    Question Cell Phones..Bells, whistles, and all bling aside

    What phone gives the best signal strength? I have a motorola v180 that is off more than it's on. My wife has one that is working well. Mine has already been replaced but the big wig support dude says the v180s are junk. Anyone have any experience with good/bad phone signals?

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    It would be nice if there would be reviews on important things such as testings of signal strength under tough conditions such as a city block?

    Not much of a selection but RF performance comments are included,
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    My understanding, which is limited, about cell phones and signal strength is that its effected by many factors including your location, tower location, interference (electrical, metal, etc) and weather. But I was told by a tech at Sprint that the best way to improve the signal strength on my phone was to turn it off, wait 1 to 2 minutes and then turn it back on. Not only does this allow the phone to "re-aquire" the network, it will also allows it to receive any network updates that might be available. And wouldn't you know it, everytime I've done this, my signal has always been stronger.

    Oh, and make sure your antenna is up, many people forget this simple, but effective, way of improving the signal!

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    My Motorola V600 has been excellent with signal, even holding on to a signal part ways (1/4 in or so) into a tunnel on the train, all my previous phones cut out as soon as i hit the tunnel entrance, not due to the provider as i kept the same SIM card for my last 3 phones.
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