I downloaded the latest TweakIt version - 3.0.8. build 6 - to improve my Diamond AGP Fusion card performance. After
installing the I chose all the defaults for the Banshee chipset. Upon restart I came up with a 16 color screen in 640x480. Not
knowing enough of the program I decided to remove it, and completely reinstall the latest Diamond driver. I'm back to
normal (I think) except Falcon 4.0 will run in Software mode, Direct3D mode, but the system hangs with a blank screen when
attempting to run it in Glide mode (It worked prior to Tweakit). I removed and reinstalled Falcon including the latest patch. Any ideas what might be wrong? Something not cleared or restored? What Tweakit options should I select?

My goal was to change the core clock and memory clock speeds.

My system has: FIC 503+ MB, K6-2 300, 128M PC-100 RAM, 5.1G HD, 24X CD, Win 98

Any help will be appreciated.