whats up with the deternator drivers good or bad??
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Thread: whats up with the deternator drivers good or bad??

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    whats up with the deternator drivers good or bad??

    ok, i have a viper 550
    and i luv it and all but i have been told about these new detenaor drivers from riva now i want as many people as possible to
    give me there oppinion cause i have red about a million forums saying how crappy there r but, then ui come here and i c peole saying there great
    so please state ur oppinion

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    Didn't notice anything at opengl though it boosted my direct3d applications a bit.

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    You have the v550 so just get Diamonds latest drivers since they are built around the Detonator platform.

    I have the STB v4400 w/ NVIDIA Detonator drivers and have been pleased so far....installation went flawlessly also. I have heard a lot of others complaining about how hard it is to install the Detonator drivers, so just follow the directions

    You will notice better direct 3d performance, and slightly less utilizing openGL. I am sure the openGL issue will be fixed soon enuff

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    Hi there,
    I just put the Detonator drivers onto my system:
    Celery 300A @ 450
    ABIT BH6
    64 MB RAM
    Creative TNT
    I tested the system with 3DMark99 at 800 x 600
    Creative drivers (as at 02/02/99)
    1995 3DMARKS
    Using Detonator drivers
    2470 3DMARKS

    nuff said !

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