Hi all.

Continuing on my post from a while back regarding failing pen drives, I've run into a dilemma.

I purchased two brand new PNY 256mb pen drives. They work just fine in both of my laptops: a Dell and and HP. However, my desktop computer will not read them. They are reported as being installed but I'm getting the "failure" message indicating that they are not being recognized.

My system is an Asus P4P800 mb, 2.6 ghz processor, 512 ram running XP Home. This computer is a screamer and works 100% flawlessly. I've used USB pens for years, now, without any issues. However, these don't want to work. I have all the current updates from Microsoft, too, so it's not anything to do with the OS.

I'm am thinking that I might want to flash the bios but before I attempt that ( I hate doing that unless absolutely necessary as you might imagine) I'd like for you all to tell me that that's my only real option.

FYI, everything I use the USB ports on works flawlessly from my cameras, printer, scanner, and keyboard/mouse. No issues at all.

Anyone have a suggestion??

Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.