Yet another notebook roundup
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Thread: Yet another notebook roundup

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    Yet another notebook roundup

    Part 2 of the xBit notebook review series. Quite a few models tested. Haven't read it yet, but it looks pretty complete!

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    Not bad... but I think they've 'rounded up' so many different models at so many different price points that it's harder to read than it needs to be. I mean, a buyer isn't going to go to market thinking: "Budget $1250-$2300, Weight 2-7lbs, CPU 1 - 2.1 GHz," etc. I mean, it's neat to see how a $2300 subnotebook with a 1 GHz ULV Pentium-M stacks up to a 6lb $1250 1.6 GHz Turion, but it's not as if most buyers would really be considering one or the other. This is like doing a clinical trial of six differnt medicines on the same test group.
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