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    Gta 5 pc

    Its just gotta happen right?!
    R.I.P Rangeral, To one of HWC's best moderators and a great guy

    By the way, what does BTW stand for?

    It is better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6.

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    Yup GTA 5 just waiting for it. I am not planing to leave my home for the next week

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    Given the general theme of GTA, is it not somehow interesting that a London early buyer was deprived of his copy when hit with a brick?

    Not advocating violence, but I find the similarity amusing.

    Rather rough way to have the consequences of violence and crime brought home.

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    It is already well known that it will come to PC.

    Even people went as far as a petition to make sure it does because all those people think Rockstar would not do it.

    Rockstar had job postings for developers. Rumor is that it was to help port the game to PC.

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