I finally got the hard drive installed in an IBM 390E I bought in the spring. It came with a 20G drive with a broken pin and a caddy pin to slot adapter with a matching missing contact (at least after I removed the broken pin from it). The final solution came in flipping the adapter 180 degrees, after I'd made a contact from copper and slid it into place after the adapter was on the hdd.
This machine now has a PII 366, upgraded from a 333, 256MB ram (thanks, jimbo ), and a Samsung 40G 5400rpm 8Mb cache drive. Just put 2K in it.
It has some suspend type functions in its bios, which I'm not used to yet. I've been using an old Acer which lacks any of those for anything but 95. (That's the machine that had the display corrupting. That problem went away and it's been in daily use for months now.)
Here's the problem: it's locked up solid about three times, once after an extended on time, once defragging. When locked up nothing responds, keyboard, cursor, C/A/D won't bring up Task Manager. One further time it just shut off totally. The battery is completely gone, but the psu adapter connection is solid -- moving it around will not kill it.
So I'm suspecting a heat issue. I've had the keyboard off three times now, and noticed that the contact for the cover/heatsink over the cpu has a pad. I could clean the surface of it and the cpu and apply fresh grease, but if I removed the pad, which doesn't inspire confidence, I'd have too much thickness missing. I suppose I could try and find some copper of the appropriate thickness and use an adhesive thermal product, but that's getting pretty complicated. I don't think a PII of this vintage will have any temp reporting, nor would I expect the IBM bios to retrieve it either. I could probably check the hdd temp, but the Samsungs run cool.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated, especially anyone who's experienced this type of lockup.