Hello All,

I am guilty of cheating on HardwareCentral.com. I went to notbookforums.com for a bit. Anyway some of you may remember that I had bought a $3500.00 Alienware 7700 laptop. My second as you recall. Long story short, bad move. Bad system. Big problems. I returned it, but it cost me the 15% restocking fee. Anyway I am back here now. Next notbook I buy will be a normal notebook, not gaming. Gaming should be left to desktops. Desktops are meant to be built by people like us. I am back and planning to build a new system very soon. Anway again, sorry for being gone for a bit. I hope all of you are doing well!! And if you want my opinion on Alienware, just ask. I will PM or email you. I will post the specs of the system I plan to build. I would like the input from you all. That is why I have been coming to this forum for over 5 years now.