Is anyone else playing CO2?

If so, let me know.

Since the new release of CO2 there are many many troubles.

The biggest latest one I am having is that while two chars are logged, well I am not sure if it happens with one since I've usually got two online, my display goes into a power save mode giving me a black screen and I have to reboot the computer.

I installed the latest drivers for my vid card last night along with reinstalling the game from their official website. And I have the patches installed also.

What are some of the reasons for the system going into power save mode all by itself? It does not happen unless I am playing the game.

I checked in bios and have not seen anything pertaining to this possibley happening nor do I have my video card, hd or anything that I am aware of to go into this mode. Could it be my 9800pro having trouble with keeping up with the data from the game. No troubles were present at the time of CO1 and this new trouble appeared just two days ago, the one in which the system goes into power save mode on its own.

Any ideas anyone?