Hello all,
I have a problem with my Hewlett-Packard All-In-One PSC 1210.
I have to point out that the problem did not exist just recently. All was fine until i reinstalled windows xp pro greek. After this fresh installation almost everytime i try to start my psc1210 the system immediately reboots sometimes while its half-way making the gling-glong noise xp makes when they find new hardware. I thought it had something to do with my soundcard so i disabled it(SB Audigy) and used the onboard instead but the problem persisted. I installed windows xp again this time english (dual-boot with greek) and the problem is still there in both operating systems. I would be gratefull if someone could help me.

SysSpecs: P4 2,6Ghz FSB 800, MSI Neo2 LS 865PE, 1GB ram, ATi Radeon 9600Pro, SB Audigy + CMedia(onboard) AC'97, pinnacle pctv pro etc.