Advice for a new Video Card
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Thread: Advice for a new Video Card

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    Advice for a new Video Card

    I want to buy a new video card that is appropriate for my current system. The only games I play are Quake and Quake II. I've been thinking about the Diamond Viper 550. It provides awesome 2d as well as 'good' 3d. I have a K6 233 w/64mb RAM and a FIC PA-2007 motherboard. It has 3 ISA and 4PCI slots. I currently use only one PCI slot for my 2mb Trident 9680 Vid Card. I want to spend less than $150 on a new vid card. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Any of the TNT cards are awesome. You might want to try to get one with a fan pre-installed though, I dont think Viper has one. Hercules, Asus and one other kind have a fan, others only have heatsink, this chip gets really hot when playing games!

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