Hey folks, I've been having some trouble with my laptop and I wonder if you can help me out. For the last month or so, my computer (an HP zx5180) has been shutting down at random with frequency. I'll turn it on, and it will function for anywhere from a couple hours to a couple minutes before turning off (as if there was no power going to it from either AC or the battery). This happens even when plugged into the wall, with the battery both in and out. After a shutdown, if you push the power button again it will turn on for a few seconds and then shut off in the middle of boot up. If you push it again, it will turn off even faster. On occassion, though, it will boot up all the way.

Also, the battery doesn't charge beyond about 4%, and sometimes when both the battery is in and the computer is plugged in, it will revert to drawing from battery power. It's as if the computer keeps on trying to go to the battery even when it shouldn't be.

People have blamed everything from overheating to a faulty battery to a faulty motherboard, but I'm not confivnced about any of these. Can anyone give me a hand with this?