TNT or Banshee? Help me out here
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Thread: TNT or Banshee? Help me out here

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    TNT or Banshee? Help me out here

    I have one major problem and that is I don't know which chipset is better. Im getting a P2 400, 128 PCI 100 SDRam, Asus P2B BX440 board, and i don't know which one I should get. $$$ is not an issue and I'm not going to wait for something new. I've read so many reviews that now I'm more confused even more. So what I would like to is a few people to please answer to this question and tell me which one is better...TNT or Banshee

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't really how you can see any controvery over this topic. The TNT is the clear winner in almost every aspect (except Glide support, but that's not very important). The TNT is faster, can go to higher resolutions, has actual AGP support, and has better image quality.

    The best TNT board is the ASUS V3400TNT. It runs very cool and can be overclocked and still stay cool. Another good overclocker is the Hercules Dynamite TNT. Other good non-overclockers are the Diamond Viper V330 and the Creative Labs Riva TNT. Crappy TNTs are the STB Velocity 4400 and the Elsa TNT card.
    Hope this helps!

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    Dawidi> quote-" Crappy TNTs are the STB Velocity 4400 "

    Haha, well i dont think my v4400 is crappy, can you tell me why you have decided it is please? Some of the other cards my overclock higher, but does that justify calling the STB a "crappy" card? I get well about 32fps in a Quake2 crusher demo w/ no tweaks at all, and a 2471 in 3dmark99, and excellent image quality to say the least

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