Please ignore my small post count, whenever I've had to call on members here for support, their answers have always been dead on.

Before anything, I want to apologise for the wierd, mish-mash kind of post that may follow, as I'm getting frustrated trying to get this to work.

I was running a Sony DVDRW drive up until recently where I felt it was performing badly (slow to recognise discs, bad DVD playback - now scrapped, so I am unable to supply more details). After checking cables it was still bad, so I went and replaced it with a Philips PBDV16LSP1 (for lightscribe x). Things seemed fine for few hours, then the problems returned. Most annoyingly, the drive doesn't seem to update in my computer when discs are changed (which makes me wonder if it was even a drive problem in the first place).

The IDE cable is new, the drive is the master and only device on that IDE port. It works fine mechanically (new unit, lights are on, seems like someone's home).

Can anyone help?

I can provide more details on request.

Thank you in advance.