2nd hdd laggin comp?
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Thread: 2nd hdd laggin comp?

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    2nd hdd laggin comp?

    I just installed a new hdd and now my mouse jitters like there's an application working in the background. this gets really annoying when playing music. i've been trying to resolve this for a while now and have all the lastest drivers.
    both drives run ATA100 on my promise controller in win2k jumpered to cable select. i have the latest promise, video drivers and the most current updates for win2k. What's strange is if i disconnect the new drive and reboot the problem goes away but with both drives running the problem returns. I've run benchmarks on both drives and they seem to be performing well, i've scanned for all kinds of spyware etc. and i'm clean. I keep a really close eye on what's running in the task manager for processes and i dont think anything is wrong there. is there something i'm forgetting to do when installing a new drive?

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    Is the master at the end of the cable ?
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    yeah, the last drive on the cable is the master

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    Check for bent pins on the hard drive.

    Perhaps try a different IDE cable.

    DMA has to be enabled for them to run at ATA100 so that is not the issue.

    Run the SeaTools diagnostic utility and the IBM utility to check the drives.

    The 30 gig DeathStar's were 5400 rpm drives but that should not be an issue.

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    Not a major issue but the Deskstars (if we are talking about 75GXP's) were not 5400rpm drives but rather 7200. I know, I had one. Yes they were 'Deathstars', as I was a victim.
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