DVD doesn't work on new mobo
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Thread: DVD doesn't work on new mobo

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    Unhappy DVD doesn't work on new mobo

    bought new parts to build a new computer. I bought the mobo [A8N-E] from zipzoomfly, and connected everything yesterday. I pwered up the computer and pressed the DVD open button, but it didn't work. even the DVD LED didn't work, so I checked the DVD and all the cables and they all worked on my computer [that I am now typing on].

    So what do you say? The problem is with the mobo, right?

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    Try a different power connector in the "bad" computer. I once owned a power supply that had a defective molex connector: One of the leads was pushed in, and wasn't making contact with the pin.

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    Along with what has already been mentioned,
    Double check jumper setting(s) on all drive(s) on the same ATA cable.
    Test DVD drive in question in another verified working system.
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    I would think the tray would open if the power connector was installed.

    Try using another 4 pin molex connector on the DVD drive. (confirmation of TurtleMan sugestion)

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