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Thread: HL2 Stuttering

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    Now that you mention it, I did have sound issues with HL2 a while back. However, it only seems to do it when running 4.1. If I use 2.1, the problem goes away. I just thought it was my old SBlive! dragging me down.
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    Yes, preloading the sounds is what fixed it. I still have the occasional glitch, but it runs smooth as silk for the most part now. I have to bring up the consol and load the sounds at the begining of each chapter, but that is a minor annoyance at best. I am thrilled to death because I can play the game again. Thanks again!!

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    Interestingly enaugh from what I read 7800GT works great with HL2 and X1800XL manifests very noticable shimmering. Latter really doesnt look like much of the card for the money when compared to 7800GT.

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    7800gt runs hl2 around 100fps max everything 1280x1024 with a 3800+x2. it will drop down to 40 sometimes, but thats rare and doesnt effect performance. sometimes it reaches 170.

    at that resolution and full eye candy, the game looks simply spectacular. first few times ive played it ive been killed jsut looking around at the walls and stuff

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