HL2 Stuttering
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    HL2 Stuttering

    Ok, so I know the drill, HL2 has an old stuttering problem, but here is the deal. Since the Steam update HL2 stutters on both my main system and my Alienware Laptop. Main system used to run it smooth as silk. Laptop is new. Main system is running 6800gt, laptop running 6800 go Ultra. It is really aggrivating. Steam has a post about it, but no dice. I have tried different drivers and no improvement. Anyone have suggestions??

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    Gaming System
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    Main System
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    Athlon 64 3500+
    Aspire Super X-Alien (Blue) Case
    1Gig PC3200 DDR
    Maxtor 100Gig SATA
    Maxtor 120Gig IDE
    XFX 6800GT 256MB Version
    Acer AL1715smd 17in LCD
    Plexwriter 52/24/52A
    Sony DVDRW

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