UNREAL with the SAVAGE 3D...?!?
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Thread: UNREAL with the SAVAGE 3D...?!?

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    UNREAL with the SAVAGE 3D...?!?

    Im thinking about upgrading my system with a savage 3d based card cause it is very very cheap. has anybody seen unreal running with the savage 3d? it is optimized for the savage 3d, isnt it (by a patch)? what does it look like and what about performance? the screenshots from s3 seem fantastic!

    thanx for replies!

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    There's an Unreal Direct3D patch for the Savage3D that makes is run quite well. I don't know the prices on the Savage3D, but if you want performance you should really pay a little more and get a TNT. It's much better than the Savage3D, and there's an OpenGL patch for Unreal that allows the TNT to run Unreal every well (You need to install the 2.20 beta patch).

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