Trident 9440 PCI problems
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Thread: Trident 9440 PCI problems

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    Trident 9440 PCI problems

    Hello there,

    I recently bought a PCI ISDN adapter for my PC (motherboard 486-VIP-IO). I installed in slot 4. My videocard is in slot 3. When i started Windows 95 i noticed that the videocard did not function anymore. Windows said that it had a conflict with another card.

    I tried several configurations. When the ISDN card is in slot 1 and the videocard in 4, the videocard works but the ISDN doesn't.

    Anybody recognize this problem???


    Greetings from Holland,


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    Its a funny card that wasn't working perfectly in my dads 'puter so i tried it in mine. No good wouldnt even boot. So back it went into his least it works somewhat in his...just can't get 16 bit color.

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