Replacement HD for Pismo
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Thread: Replacement HD for Pismo

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    Replacement HD for Pismo

    I have to replace my HD in my Pismo and I can't get a definitive answer. The specs say I have (OEM HD) an Ultra ATA-66 which when I search for a replacement, nothing like that exists. I have a Toshiba 40GB 5400rpm in it now (a replacement) which is an ATA-5. I have posted to other forums and others recommend an ATA-6 but I was under the impression that won't work. xlr8yourmac is not definitive as the posts there say they have G3 500's or G4's so my question is: Will an ATA-6 work in my OEM Pismo?

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    Yep, would be backwards compatiable, and the downgrade from 6 to 5 would not show any difference at all in performance as hdds rarely take advantage of ATA100 muchless ATA133.
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    Agreed, the only thing I'd be concerned about is getting too large of a drive. I'm not sure how Macs BIOS's work, but older windows BIOS's would not fully recognize drives over a certain capacity. As long as you're going with something reasonably sized, you should be just fine. If nothing else, the ATA6 drives will perform as best they can on your older system.
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