5 year warranty on HDD, how important is it to you?
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Thread: 5 year warranty on HDD, how important is it to you?

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    5 year warranty on HDD, how important is it to you?

    I think 3 years is nice, but beyond that, it is not a deciding factor in buying a drive. They 're not going to warrant your data anyhow and the replacement is limited to just the drive itself. In five years, your drive is worth next to nil.

    Purchased Oct 1999. It was like $249 back then.

    Because it was a Maxtor, the warranty expired Oct 2002, by which time the value of 8.4GB was pretty low.

    Let's say the drive was a Seagate and warranty was good until Oct 2004 and the drive dies Sept 2004. Would you have really wanted to pay $6 to send a 8.4GB drive maybe worth $15 back for warranty service?
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    I think it's a nice show of faith on the part of the manufacturer, but you're right -- in real world terms it's not terribly important. I generally run RAID1 anyway, and if one of the drives dies after 4 years then it'd be a tossup whether i'd replace it at all -- the box it's in probably wouldn't be my main one anymore.
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    yeah, likewise, 3 years seems plenty to me. I always outgrow a drive within about 3 years anyway.
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    But since it couldnt be repaired and the likelyness of them having any 8.4gb drives lying around then they'd probably send you a replacement of a larger sized hard drive that was a common size about now
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    Nah, they'd send refurbs like usual. Warranty replacements are hardly ever new.
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    I think Tuttle's right; it's a demonstration of confidence in the product more than anything else. Not quite sure how BFG's warranty works but I'd imagine they're going for a similar thing (i.e. the business model isn't prohibitively detrimental, in light of the additional mindshare it gains them).

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    I completely ignore warranties, unless it's something I reasonably expect to fail and need a return (Roomba, for example, or a stereo reciever that's a great deal, but has notoriously bad quality control). For hard drives, it's it's not DOA, I know I'm never going to return it- the drive itself is immeterial, it's the data that's important, and 3 or 5 years down the road, drives will be 10x larger anyhow.

    As to the size of the warranty implying better quality, there's a reason Hyundais come with 10 year 100,000 mile warranties and it's NOT that they expect to have no warranty repairs There's more business and marketing involved there than engineering. Therefore, I completely disregard the warranty with that respect.
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    I'm with Grover. Keep your data backed up and just hope for the best out of your hard drives.
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    Remember that Seagates "five year" warranty is actually only a 3 year replacement warranty. The 4th and 5th years are only a pro-rata (based on a 5 year lifetime) rebate on the purchase of a new seagate HDD. It's funny that for all the chest beating and accolades I hear on a daily basis about Seagates "unprecidented" 5 yr warranty it seems like almost nobody knows this fact! It's certainly mentioned as infrequently as possible by Seagate.

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