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    One of my older systems has XP on it, and I decided to get rid of the puter.
    First off I figure, I'll put ME back in it, then use my XP for something else.

    I went to and made my floppy of ME, I also made one of 98 and 98SE. Before I get any further, doesn't the 98se boot floppy disk work for Windows ME too? I thought it did, but since the ME option was at the site, I decided just to copy them all.

    O.K., I did fdisk, rebooted, then formatted C, then switched to drive E, and entered "setup" but keep getting "Not ready reading drive E"
    it told me E is my cdrom drive, but I tried D and F just for kicks, but still the same message.

    Its set to boot from CDROM first in BIOS, and its also set on auto-detect.
    I tried an external USB drive as well, not knowing if it would work anyway, but, well, it didn't.

    The only thing I can think of, is that the drive went bad. I just used it yesterday, but I suppose its possible, although the light comes on when putting the ME CD in.

    I'll try another CD drive in another computer to see what happens, but I just dont think thats it.

    The other possibilty is perhaps the ME floppy disk is no good, it let me fdisk, format, scandisk, but it said bad command when I entered _dir, or dir.

    Afriend gave me a copy of ME,
    He claims it works, but thats another thought.

    anyway, before I tackle this again sunday (while I watch the Vikings get beetup again) thought I would post now, and have some things to think about first.

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