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Thread: oh what to buy

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    OK, what I seem to have so far:
    I need something that able to play games
    Go for Acer more bang per buck
    15.4 screen is as good as i can afford

    Of the companys in England that i have spoken too they all just sell boxes,is there acompany that can do upgrade say 1.6 to 1.8 or bigger hardrive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizard
    Of the companys in England that i have spoken too they all just sell boxes,is there acompany that can do upgrade say 1.6 to 1.8 or bigger hardrive?
    What I do locally is contact one of the smaller shops, couse they usually can order just about any combo they want, from the middle man. Its good to have some deals you were looking at with you, so they understand they dont have a s_ucker in front of them and forget about getting extra comission for "special" order or something like that.

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    I dont know Hoyle about your experience, but if I check the local Ebay site, one thing I can always be sure of, is I will find a SOHO HP notebooks for parts, followed by different types of notebooks with MR9700 installed.

    Depends on the AGE, in my experience. HP/Q SoHo models up to about late 2003 were not the best. I've had very good luck with them starting about April '04. Of course, they COULD all fall apart soon - they aren't that old yet, but so far they've been easier to keep moving than our Dells, and far less expensive than our IBMs (my last machine was a T42 at about $2700 new!). I've also purchaced a few 'emergency' laptops, which means not going through the HP, Dell, or IBM reps we usually talk to. For these I've gone Acer and been pleased.

    I don't find that Acer laptops are all that inexpensive, however - usually, when challenged, the Dell and HP reps can beat them, given a chance.
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    I think Acer is less expensive around EU, simply because they were first to realize to sell laptops in EU, you will have to lower the price, otherwise no name boxes will squeeze you out of the market.
    HP did lower the price of its low end models considerably, thus their business class NX series makes sense, but they still keep its NC class prices way to high.
    Dell was the least flexible of them all and only recently offered good deals on the very low end of its laptop range.

    So basically you get X600 with Acer, X300 with HP NX and GMA900 with HP NC, Dell and IBM, for the same price.
    HP SOHO laptops are actually the same price as their buisness NX class, I guess thats why I dont think its worth the risk.
    Furthermore, I still think the build of the buisness clas is much better, thus different cases for the two families.
    On the other hand NX and NC class use the same kind of cases and only differ in options. For example NC has spill proof keyboard and multibay.

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    I like Acer notebooks. They do them right, and I remember reading that they seem to sell very well.
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