Savage4, TNT2, Rage128,or something else?
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Thread: Savage4, TNT2, Rage128,or something else?

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    Savage4, TNT2, Rage128,or something else?

    I have a PII 266 with 2x AGP port. What videocard should I buy? I've heard very good things about the Rage128, but there are much faster chips to come. Or should I just buy a TNT? Or VooDoo Banshee? Or...
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    First off, you probably don't have an AGP 2x motherboard if you have a P2 266 processor (Only BX motherboards have 2x, not LX which has AGP 1x). I would recommend waiting for the newer chips like the TNT2 of Voodoo3-4000. My only concern is that there wont be much performance gain with your current computer (Voodoo 2's max out the performance on every computer available to the consumer).

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    I am not so sure about pentiums and their agp slots [amd fan here] but i fu want a good high end card consider the asus 3400 or the hercules dynamite tnt. both are great cards. The only problem with the ati is that it is very CPU power hungry which means a good strong processor is needed, and i think the pII 266 may be a little small for it, but i am not sure [an oc'd 300a at 450 runs it great] the savage4 is a good meioocre card, aimed at the medium class gamers and so forth. if u want glide support, go with a voodoo card. i have not heard much about the tnt2's but from what i am feeling about them, they will not be another voodoo2 to voodoo 3 upgrade [not much performance diff for voodoo2 to voodoo3]
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