Diamond Stealth 3D 200 Pro, a capable card?
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Thread: Diamond Stealth 3D 200 Pro, a capable card?

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    Diamond Stealth 3D 200 Pro, a capable card?

    I am thinking to upgrade my P75 system to AMP-K6-2 300 by changing MB and CPU. Will my old Diamond Sterlth 3D 2000 Pro video card handle the new sysem requirment for the 3D game? Must I buy a new card to take advantages of the new system? I want to save money. I do not know the memory of my Diamond card. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately, the Diamond 3D 2000 Pro is a bit outdated compared to todays cards. Don't get me wrong - it's not a bad card, for when it was made. However, poor drivers and software support left it in the dust. If you want to play 3D games, you could keep your Diamond and get an add-on 3D card with the Voodoo2 chipset. These run for ~$100 now.

    If you would like to replace your card entirely, the RIVA TNT cards have significantly improved their driver support for the Super 7 platform.

    Good luck!

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