Arghh HELP I'm going nuts!! Burning Problem!
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Thread: Arghh HELP I'm going nuts!! Burning Problem!

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    Cool Arghh HELP I'm going nuts!! Burning Problem!

    Arghh HELP I'm going nuts!! Burning Problem!

    Hi guys!

    Got a quick question regarding my Sony DVD Burner, but its really urgent, I've got family waiting on these discs!!

    I was burning DVD data discs yesterday 100% fine, was checking contents, and it was all there.

    Now today, I'm doing exactly the same thing, same method everything, just different DVD Discs. I was using Memorex, now i'm using Philips.

    When I burn the DVD at 4x there are no warnings in Nero, and I even verify the written data, but once i reinsert the disc into the drive, the XP autoplay tells me it's a blank disc, even though when I turn the disc over, I can see the data has been physically burnt. And in explorer, there is nothing there!!

    I don't think it's the discs, as I tried some Ritek discs as well, exact same problem, (Ritek always worked before on my drive) I even tried to burn some photo's instead of the video's I was trying to burn, but it didn't recognise them either!?

    So my question is do I need a new DVD drive or is it something simple i'm overlooking?!

    Thanks for your time as always!!


    P.S. Just tried Mirror discs as well, OMG have I fried my burner
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