What happened in New Hampshire that CNN didn't report...
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Thread: What happened in New Hampshire that CNN didn't report...

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    What happened in New Hampshire that CNN didn't report...

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry I haven't posted recently, acutally I've been busy lately on some out-of the country extended holidays. (Basically slacking off).

    But.. recently in New Hampshire here, we have been hit hard with massive flooding and had a few towns wiped out.


    I'm trying to get awareness out of the sitiuation here. Ten people have died, 4 are missing. FEMA, National Gaurd, and the Red Cross are up here now. Yet for some reason the national news did not report on it???

    Hmm... seems to me that this has all the elements of a good news story, dead people, destruction, and federal agencys. If it bleeds, it leads right???

    Of course CNN has yet to put it on there News channels (save one AP article on CNN.com), while the FOX REPORT did have a cover story (1 min in length).

    CNN reported on a Guy winning a Grilled Cheese championship.

    Well... I'm trying to get the story out, the only way i know how to... the internet.

    So I've posted pictures.. i took, freinds, family, and local media onto my website here http://www.digital-madman.com/index2.html.

    I've posted 3 articles thus far.. and more rain is coming tonight, 3-5 inches. I hope more people releaze this is happening.

    -Digital Madman

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    Prolly not big enough for CNN
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    By the way, what does BTW stand for?

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    Well, I don't watch the news. In fact, I try to avoid the media. While many might think it's sad that I don't follow current events, I just can't stand the way news is presented via the media. Want an example?

    A friend of mine is a priest, and his parish was holding an annual charity event for people they used to refer to as the "mentally retarded." However, before they held the event, some people got together and decided that "Mentally Retarded" was too offensive, so they changed it to "Intellectually Challenged." As if this didn't seem extreme enough, at the event, a visitor discoveredthis new "label" and was immediately offended. How offended? She called the local news channel.

    To give you an idea of how the media works in Kansas City, well--they are desperate for news, ANY news. They jumped on this story, even though they had to drive an entire hour outside the city to reach the event. They threw the lady on TV so she could voice her disgust at such a cruel and insulting label. She kept referring to this group of people as "M.R." but even SHE wouldn't come out and say what "M.R." stood for! I guess when it comes down to it, the media looks for a story, and will side with the little guy. Never mind the fact that this was a charity event for this "group with no name"! For the life of me, I can't figure out what is wrong with people. Maybe they just watch too much TV news. They sure threaten to call the news whenever they have a problem.

    From my perspective, the truth has never been the most important thing to any news media (be it TV, radio, or printed). The primary goal is ratings. Typically the best thing that sells is fear and paranoia, along with horrible tragedy. Who cares if they have the death toll wrong? Let's make it the worst case scenario! 9/11 initially had 50,000+ dead, Columbine was like 50 students killed, and Katrina was going to be in the 10s of thousands, West Nile Virus kills less people than the common cold/flu, yet it's the next big thing, so dump out all your standing water. Not to say that because less people died in each of the above that it's any better, but the media doesn't even try to be close. Most just want to be first, be it right or wrong, or just horribly exaggerated. The more unique the situation, the better.
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    I drove through Keene last Sunday and was surprised to see the flooding. It was raining pretty hard on Saturday when I left the state, but I didn't think it would result in what I saw the next day. Granted, it's no Hurricane Katrina, but it's not something you expect to see in NH. I had to take RT 101 home because my regular route was closed.
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    There are countless stories media will "miss", but then again they will give you the same ol over and over again, just in case you forgot, its called brainwashing

    I agree extensive flooding like that should be news, not international, but definitely US national news, still its possible floods are not in, ATM - to be understood in more then one way

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    If you read on his website he plainly says that cnn did have a 30sec spot about this problem. not sure why he is now stating they did nothing.

    i mourn your loss of your town and the people who went with, and i hope you get the help you need, but im not sure if i understand why you want a media circus out there? if it is just to raise money to help for recovery then that is sad, not on your part but the fact our government wont do what it is supposed to and is able to if they tried.

    futhermore, it wasnt till a few days after the flooding of katrina that a national new anchor was down in louisiana. you are lucky fema has been slapped in the face recently, otherwise you would be getting the old fema response. i cant say for sure that its better now, but i couldnt believe that ordeal didnt make a lot of people wake the fuck up. im sure they wont do anything like that for awhile longer...
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    I think the answer lies in demographics. Keene is what? 50K people? All of NH is about a million. Three counties here is southern central PA contain 1.4 million... and are flooded EVERY year by the Susquehanna (which, being more or less unnavigable has got to be one the most useless rivers of it's size anywhere). No one mentions that either.

    I think flooding is simply something that is seen as 'been done' right now. Between the 12/26/04 wave in the Indian Ocean and Katrina, it would take one big flood to catch the interest of the national news watchers. A few tens of thousands of people in NH jsut don't count. Besides, there are no good stories about looters and gunfights in the streets... and no international interest because there is no demographic disparity to point to and shout that the "poor minorities" have been unfairly treated.

    Well, I don't watch the news. In fact, I try to avoid the media. While many might think it's sad that I don't follow current events, I just can't stand the way news is presented via the media. Want an example?
    I take this a step further, of course, by not even having a TV. My complaint is that I'm not really interested in the biggest grilled cheese sandwich or in some scandle in the UK's royal family (who I think exist purely to get ratings). I like internet news because I GO OUT and get it, vs. it FLOWING to me.

    In general, I find that most news:

    1) Cannot effect me
    2) Cannot be effected by me
    3) Is important for some OTHER locality
    4) Is graphic, but not informative
    5) Is deliberately vague
    6) Is deliberately slanted
    or (my favorite)
    7) Is completely meaningless (grilled cheese bake-offs, for example).

    So many current events I simply do not WANT to know...
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    However, before they held the event, some people got together and decided that "Mentally Retarded" was too offensive, so they changed it to "Intellectually Challenged."
    Our local euphemism is "Community Living".

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    To answer krupted..CNN basiclly did do nothing... the 30sec mention sounded like this: "Oh...by the way, New England has some flooding..." no pictures, no location mention, nothing. A passing mention a sentence long.

    I guess maybe some people here are right, no gunfights or looting, or violence.. so maybe we don't matter. But I think this story needs to get out there ...

    It just pisses me off to no end that no one outside new england seems to know where having this problem.... granted grilled cheese championships are more important i guess.

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    I must say I can't actually get pissed off about this. Our governor came right back and has been in the thick of it since all the rain started. Community support looks to have been great. The Dam Commission (didn't even know we had one), has been checking all local dams and correcting problems where they can.

    My question is, why does anyone else need to know? Everyday on my way to work I listen to NHPR and here continual updates on the situation. This truly is local news, Hoyle pointed out. Everyone in the effected area knows what's going on, and are as best prepared as they can be.

    CNN, Fox and other 24-hour news channels are 98% entertainment. If you keep that in mind when watching, you'll never get pissed again.
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