Best card for Reliability + compatability?
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Thread: Best card for Reliability + compatability?

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    Best card for Reliability + compatability?

    I am looking into building a new system with a BH6 mobo, Celery 300a and Pc100 dram. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for a video card with the following characteristics: reliability and compatability (including availability of driver updates/customer service), price value (not necessarily the lowest, but best for the price). I am not a big gamer, but enjoy some of the older sports games (NBA98 and Madden98) and will probably continue to buy "last year's games" in the future. So I want something that will keep up with software for at least a little while and I want to maintain strong 2d quality. I've read tons of reviews and comments people have made, but still can't decide (my baseline is the crappy Trident 2mb card I've had for the past couple of years!)

    Thanks for any help


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    ATI EXPERT 98 at play 8meg AGP or PCI $60 retail @ you should have no problems with this card. Diamond 550 with VooDoo I card would be my second choice. Voodoo I because they are so cheap now and will take care of some 3dfx games that the 550 will not support.

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    you want reliability and compatibility...go 3Dfx Voodoo2 for 3D games (including Glide). this chip has settled in gaming world (like Voodoo1). 99% games coming this year will be compatible with V2.

    TNT has great 2D but your don't get full reliability and compatability in 3D games (example Unreal) unless you don't mind waiting for patches/fixes to arrive.

    2d/3d Banshee has some problems here and there.

    I don't know much about other cards. so can't suggest others.

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