Alright, I've been the proud owner of a Dell XPS for a little bit over a year, even though I ended up buying one just before the Gen 2 came out and ended up with a lot less for my money than the Gen 2 owners. I use the laptop primarily for gaming, and sometimes for Java, C++, and VB.

A real problem I've been having with the system is its inability to cool properly. Taking apart a laptop is a bit of a taboo for me, as I'm not experienced with building them from scratch or putting them back together (hence my reliance on Dell to make me a system). The 2 fans that I am aware of, on the underside of the laptop, have become clogged with dust once or twice, to which all I've done is clean them out.

Yet, I'm obviously not addressing the problem. Even after cleaning the fans that I feel safe cleaning (I normally don't really have to clean them, as I keep the laptop on a desk, usually away from animal hair, dust, etc.), still run very loudly and seem to have little effect on the laptop, as it's almost always burning up. This has become very detrimental to any gaming experiences, as it is ssignificantly slowing down games that I try to play. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced similar problems, and knows how to fix this, or if anyone could set me on the right track to finding the real problem.

Thank you.