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    DVD Viewing Software

    I know there is a software section but thought perhaps this might be the better place to post this.

    My old computer had a number of software programs on it for DVD authoring, etc. What I would like to know is what software you use to view DVDs on your computer. I have several DVDs I purchased from the store and I would like to view them on my computer. I have a DVD drive.

    What software do you recommend for simply watching DVDs on my computer?

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    I rarely watch DVDs on my PC, but I just use WMP with the DVD codecs installed from my ATI driver CD.
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    WMP looks horrible for watching DVDs. I use WinDVD 5. It looks great and supports hardware acceleration built into all modern graphics cards. It has all the features and great image quality. I watch a lot of DVDs on my computer. No TV can even compare to the image quality of a regular monitor.
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