Hard shutdown with full battery
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    Unhappy Hard shutdown with full battery

    I have a Compaq Evo n600c laptop that loses power with no warning when running on battery. By losing power, I mean it doesn't go through the normal WinXP shutdown; the screen goes dead and the indicator lights turn off. This does not happen when running on AC power. I haven't found other reports through search engines of this so I'm turning to forums.

    The battery is a new, Compaq brand battery. The battery takes and keeps a charge; XP says it is full, and the power indicator on the top of the battery also shows it is full.

    The power losses happen at seemingly random intervals. It can happen with 100% power or 50% power. Generally it happens within the first 10 minutes after the computer has been turned on but has happened as far out as an hour. It happens while in one place on a table and on my lap while on the couch. I don't think the computer is over heating since it happens mostly while the temperatures are still all under 40C, and the fan works. Also, I can immediately press the on button and turn the computer right back on using the battery as the power source.

    This is a new install of WinXP Pro. The only programs installed, that aren't installed with WinXP, are Firefox and SpeedFan. The hard drive is also new. The computer starts up and runs fine on battery and AC power (i.e. no error messages). The computer doesn't have problems while running on AC power.

    I haven't opened the laptop up yet and am looking to avoid doing that. The connectors look clean and free of corrosion. There is no damage I can see to the battery compartment.

    Any ideas?


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