Barton not the only bottleneck with X800Pro
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Thread: Barton not the only bottleneck with X800Pro

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    Barton not the only bottleneck with X800Pro

    Is it just me or is 1 gig of ram a pretty big holdback in some games? i find that in battlefield 2, my 1 gig of ram gets completely ****ed up and performance can studder.

    I feel like this video card has a lot of headroom on my barton 2500+ w/ 1g pc3200 ram. a new processor would help fps, but that doesnt seem to be the problem, even 1600x1200 all maxed (lighting medium) i get smooth as silk play, until i turn around and the drive acesses. this continues and i notice with task manager my memory is full.

    i get 530 core, 540 mem on stock fan for my new refurb x800p nice and stable. now if i just had those 4 extra pipes...

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    Yep, I notice the same thing with my rig with some games... I don't play BF2, but F.E.A.R. and to a much lesser extent Serious Sam 2 are thrashing a bit. Increasing the swap file helped to smooth F.E.A.R. a lot for me. Guess it's either the high graphics settings pushing the need for more system mem, or just that 1GB isn't cutting it anymore. BF2 is known to be a huge memory hog, and often comes in the discussion when people are recommending 1.5+GB gaming setups

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    i just tried out half life 2. i still cant believe what i saw, that game is absolutely incredible. i havent seen any game on a card better then 9700p, so this was a big jump, but god this game with this card looks perfect. its just like shrek or nemo and movies like that, amazing.

    my 9700p basically didnt run that game, it was ok but nothing like this. also with this game my 1gig of ram doesnt seem to be a problem at all. i run 1280x1024 max all 4xaa 4xaf and its stunning, especially the world detail. Shame on EA, battlefield 2 looks like an xbox game now

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    I don't know about teh RAM bottleneck, on the pc listed in my signature battlefield 2 took forever to load, but it ran fine on medium/high graphics. The biggest problem was an occasional studder when the video memory was loading/unloading. But on my other pc with an Athlon 64 3500+, 6800 GT 256Mb and a gig of Corsair 2-2-2-5 PC3200 it ran beautifully on high graphics at 1280x1024. Video memory seems to be the biggest bottleneck in newer games. The texture detail and higher resoltions take up more space and the video memory has to pick that up, and 128Mb doesn't seem to be enough. I would expect video memory to jump in the next couple years. Definitely 1024Mb cars, maybe 2048Mb!
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