My Laptop HDD is slowely dying. It works best on the angle of 45 degrees, and only for like 5 minutes, after that I used to get blue screen with errors on atapi.sys and win something .dll if I tried to restart it after that couple of times, it overheats and doesnt even let WinXP show up. But now its worse, WinXP isnt bootable anymore, gives UNMOUNTABLE error.

So I got external USB 2.5" adapter to try to backup more files. But evertime I connect it, windows dies. First time I pluged it in, it said that HDD was found. But WinXP like froze. And now everytime I connect it, "Safely Remove Hardware" isnt responding, and HDD doesnt show up in My Computer. But if I put it back in Laptop, it boots windows for a minute or so, and then gives blue screen.

My Desktop is P4 1.4/1024MB/128 MB 9200 Radeon/SB Live! 24/ Samsung CD-RW SW-216B/ LG DVD-RW GSA 4040B/ 40 GB Samsung HDD/ 160 GB WD HDD/ WinXP SP2

And laptop HDD is Toshiba MK4025GAS + Nspire 2.5" USB 2 Enclosure.

Does windows tries to read all the files while USBing the HDD or something? I dont understand why Laptop recognizes it, but Desktop freezes thru USB. :/

Any help is appreciated, thx!